ChemAlert - For Stock Controllers, Managers and Administrators

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This course consists of twenty six online modules

These eLearning modules assist in the online training of all staff, chemical stock controllers, managers and administrators.



Simple Search
How to perform a simple search for product information in the Chem Alert Chemical Management system.

Advanced Search
How to perform an advanced search of the Chem Alert database of products, including adding multiple search parameters and modifying search parameters.

Product Details & Reports
A tour of the electronic view of Chem Alert’s full report – an independent review of each product in the Chem Alert Chemical Management system by RMT’s independent scientists.

How to access individual reports about products in the Chem Alert Chemical Management system, including uses for each type of report and generating labels for product containers.

About Risk & Risk Assessment
Generate a list of Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods in your Stock Holdings and filter products in a list to find those requiring risk assessment. Includes an overview of the Risk Assessment Module of Chem Alert.

How to perform Risk Assessments in Chem Alert, create new Risk Assessments and review each of the risk assessment tabs in the risk assessment module.

Stock Holdings & Reports
Learn about the Stock Holdings, navigate the site hierarchy; how to add, copy and delete stock holdings sites; how to add, edit and delete chemical products in stock holdings locations.

How to generate stock reports, including, placarding, dangerous goods, hazardous substances, National Pollutants Inventory (NPI) and PPE Listings.


This course is applicable for all Chemical stock controllers, managers and administrators 


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