Central Venous Access Devices

My Health Learning Course Code: 92708229 : Online Survey ID: 40002793

Duration: 30 Mins : Published: Sep 2015

Owner: HETI : Team: District HETI


Welcome to the eLearning module Central Venous Access Devices.
This module is designed for clinical, nursing and midwifery staff in general clinical areas who are inexperienced in the care and management of Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs).
A certificate is issued on completion.


After completing this module you will be able to:

  • Explain standardised CVAD related practice guidelines and assessment competencies
  • Conduct standardized care of CVADs according to NSW Health guidelines, including daily care, troubleshooting, and removal
  • Understand nursing interventions that can reduce the risk of device failure and complications
  • Comply with NSW Central Venous Access Device Insertion and Post Insertion Care: PD2011_060.


The course is designed for all nursing and midwifery staff and may qualify for up to 0.6 hrs of Continuous Professional Development


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  • Method : Online
  • No prerequisites
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