Care Coordination for Medical Officers

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Duration:  10 - 30 Minutes   :  Published:  Oct 2017

Owner:  HETI  :  Team:  District HETI


Welcome to the eLearning module Care Coordination for Medical Officers.
This module outlines information, strategies and  responsibilities relating to care coordination and transfer of care in the workplace.

This module is part of Medical Officers Mandatory Training Learning Pathway.
A certificate is issued on completion.


  • Comprehend the five steps of care coordination and their application for medical officers.
  • Summarise a process framework that facilitates communication during admission and transfer of patient care.
  • Identify practices which will aid in engagement with the patient and their families/carers in the care continuum.
  • Distinguish skills to liaise effectively with the multidisciplinary team in the planning for care transitions.


This course is applicable for all Senior Medical Officers, Junior Medical Officers and may qualify for up to 0.5 hrs of Continuous Professional Development


Doctor, medical, mandatory, coordination, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, interprofessional, patient centred, family centred, NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, Personal Attributes, Relationships, Results and People Management

  • Method : Online
  • No prerequisites
  • Not mandatory