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Breastfeeding Promotion, Protection and Support

My Health Learning Course Code:  45338916 :  Online Survey ID:  40002793

Duration:  15 - 30 minutes   :  Published:  May 2015

Owner:  HETI  :  Team:  District HETI


This consists of only one course

Welcome to the eLearning module Breastfeeding Promotion, Protection and Support.
This module aims to inspire and educate health care professionals to incorporate the guiding principles from the NSW Health Breastfeeding policy into clinical practice to promote, protect and support breastfeeding within our hospitals and the community.
A certificate is issued on completion.


On the completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the guiding principles that support the implementation of the NSW Health policy, Breastfeeding in NSW: Promotion, Protection and Support
  • Promote the importance of breastfeeding as the biological norm for both mother and infant
    Utilise evidence based information to provide support for breastfeeding as appropriate to your level of interaction with mother and infant
  • Act as a resource for staff and women on information related to breastfeeding as appropriate to your level of interaction with mother and infant
  • Have an awareness of the need to reduce inequity for women at risk of low breastfeeding rates.


This module is designed for nurses and midwives in maternity services, neonatal services, child and family health services, postnatal mental health services and paediatric services. However all staff who have contact with pregnant or breastfeeding women will benefit from completing this module and may qualify for up to 0.5 hrs of Continuous Professional Development


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