Breaking Bad News

My Health Learning Course Code:  39962615  :  Online Survey ID:  40002793

Legacy Course Code:  COM933 

Duration:  20 Minutes   :  Published:  Aug 2013

Owner:  HETI  :  Team:  District HETI


This course consists of only one module and forms part of the Foundations Learning Path and the Foundations Framework

Welcome to the eLearning module Breaking Bad News.
One of the most challenging responsibilities for health professionals is breaking bad news to a patient and/or their families.
There are suggested strategies and skills you can learn to assist you in delivering bad news.  The aim of this module is to support health professionals deliver bad news to patients, family members and carers in NSW Health Facilities. The module will be both a stand alone module available to all NSW Health clinical staff and is one of the modules of the Foundations Pathway for new graduate medical, nursing and allied health staff.
A certificate is issued on completion.


  • Recognise people's perception about what is bad news can differ when communicating with patient and/or their families/carers
  • Implement strategies when delivering bad news that assist the patients and/or their families/carers understanding and adjustment.


This course is applicable for all Medical, Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health staff and may qualify for up to 0.4 hrs of Continuous Professional Development


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