Be My Brother

My Health Learning Course Code: 117928307 : Online Survey ID: 40002793

Duration: 7 Mins : Published: August 2016

Owner: HETI : Team: District HETI


Welcome to Be My Brother.
Too often those with a disability are marginalised in the community. They face many barriers to having their wants, needs, opinions and desires communicated to and recognised by society at large. Be My Brother is a short film that endeavours to give voice to one young man’s story. Armed with nothing but charm and a dictaphone, he changes the perspective of two people he meets at a bus stop.
A certificate is issued on completion.


The course is designed for all NSW Health Staff.


disability, society, barriers, down syndrome, stigma, diversity, The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, relationships, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, Personal Attributes - value diversity, display resilience and course

  • Method : Online
  • No prerequisites
  • Not mandatory