HETI undertakes wide-ranging consultation on documents and proposals that affect education and training across the NSW Health system.

HETI works in close collaboration and partnership with Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks, fellow NSW Health pillar agencies and other stakeholders to deliver high-quality education and training.

From time to time we release consultation papers, asking stakeholders to help shape future initiatives and resources.

Feedback, ideas and questions from these consultations are highly valued and considered in developing new HETI documents, plans and initiatives.

Work in progress

Current HETI consultations are listed on the Documents under consultation page. Visit this page for regular updates on work in progress, and to take part in the consultation process.

Check the consultation period for each document as it may vary, for example according to the time of year and public holidays, and consultations are only accepted during this period. 

Completed consultations

Where consultations have closed you can view them on the Completed consultations page. You can also view or download final versions of documents that have been under consultation, as these become available.

Any questions?

If you have questions about the HETI consultation process, please email us.