ClinConnect - Clinical Placements in NSW Health

ClinConnect is a web-based application built to assist Health Services (Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks) and Education Providers manage all clinical placements in NSW Health facilities.  It is used to book and manage placements in Nursing & Midwifery, Allied Health and Dental & Oral Health and used to record clinical placement activity for Medicine.  ClinConnect supports Education Providers and Health Services manage clinical training demand and capacity.  

The system aims to achieve the following:

  • Ensure there is a student placement agreement in placement between the Education Provider and the Health Service
  • Ensure the student meets compliance requirements prior to the placement's commencement
  • Provide a single portal for organising and managing clinical placements in NSW Health facilities
  • Enhance clinical placement efficiency and visibility by providing a single system for all placements
  • Provide greater transparency and fairness in clinical placements
  • Reduce the manual workload of the coordination of clinical placements
  • Enable health services and education providers to produce reports on clinical placement activity in NSW Health facilities



For further information about ClinConnect, please contact the ClinConnect Team on: