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About HETI

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) supports education and training for excellent health care across the NSW Health system.

HETI’s mission is to improve the health of NSW and the working lives of NSW Health staff through education and training.

To do this, it works closely with Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks, other public health organisations and health education and training providers.

HETI ensures that education and training:

  • support safe, high quality, multi-disciplinary, team based, patient centred care
  • meet service delivery needs and operational requirements, and
  • enhance workforce skills, flexibility and productivity.

HETI began operations on 2 April 2012 as a Statutory Health Corporation following a Ministerial Review of Future Governance for NSW Health. It builds on the work of predecessor organisations: the Clinical Education and Training Institute (CETI), the NSW Institute of Medical Education and Training (IMET) and the NSW Institute of Rural Clinical Services and Teaching (IRCST).


HETI's functions

HETI’s main functions are to:

  • design, commission, conduct, coordinate and evaluate education and training for patient care, administrative and support services
  • take the lead role in NSW Health for the design, commissioning, conduct, coordination and evaluation of leadership and management development
  • support reform to improve workforce capacity and the quality of clinical and non-clinical training
  • develop, coordinate, oversee and evaluate education and training networks, ensuring they support service delivery needs and meet operational requirements.

Strategic planning

You can download or read the HETI Strategic Plan 2015-17  or visit this page for more information about the plan.

For details of the Health Education and Training Institute and higher education, please read the HETI Higher Education Strategic Plan 2016-2018.